About us

We started Tokes McGee’s with a vision to express our love for cannabis, in all its forms.  As aspiring activists, we want to establish a platform for ourselves and others in the Legalization Movement.  We are always looking to network with others in the 420 Community, to help spread the benefits of cannabis. Our mission is to help bring about the Full Legalization of Cannabis.  Presently, it is illegal, recreationally, in our state, but we will not let that stop us.  With this in mind, we decided to start the New Year by taking action and Tokes McGee’s was born on Jan. 1, 2018.  We constantly progress and update products, suppliers, and procedures to provide our customers with great quality and superior customer service.  All customer service is directly sent and handled by us, not a third party call center. While we strive to be perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Our motto is, “It’s not the mistake.  It’s how you handle & fix the mistake.” Thank you for being part of our journey.